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a game played against a computer

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Washington, Mar 19 ( ANI ): A new study suggests that use of electronic media, such as watching television, using computers and playing electronic games, can lead to poorer well-being in children.
Various types of gaming platforms, electronic games, and software plus related services and accessory equipment present a large market with growth potential.
Woodworking is not generally what Atari is known for, but the company opened the plant in Mi[pitas, CA, to better serve the booming electronic games market.
The Complaint charges Electronic Game and certain of the Company's executive officers and directors with violations of federal securities laws.
Commenting on the appointment of Andersen Partners, Kevin Donovan, CEO and Interim Joint Chairman of Electronic Game Card, Inc.
On July 21, 2009, Lord Leonard Steinberg, executive chairman of Electronic Game Card, Inc.
Lord Steinberg's purchases brought his aggregate holdings of Electronic Game Card to 13.
The report sponsored by the GDAA, Queensland Government and Victorian Government shows the Australian electronic game industry now generates revenues of approximately $110 million per annum and directly employs approximately 1600 people of which 1350 are permanent staff and 250 are contract staff.
Darwin, founder and managing principal of Sovereign Game Cards, LLC expressed his company's enthusiasm in signing the licensing agreement with Electronic Game Card, Inc.
Video equipment includes video recorders, video cameras, videotapes, digital cameras, DVDs, and electronic game devices.
Paul Farrell brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to Electronic Game Card and has a vested interest in contributing to the company's success, having presided over a large holding of our company's shares over the past several years," commented Lord Steinberg, Executive Chairman of Electronic Game Card, Inc.
Tom Darwin expressed his company's enthusiasm in signing the licensing agreement with Electronic Game Card, Inc.
This is a pivotal day for Electronic Game Card," commented Lord Steinberg.
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