electronic countermeasures

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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Major David Austin, of the Royal Military Police, said the bomb was probably triggered by a manually-operated command wire, which could not have been stopped by electronic counter-measures (ECM) hi-tech kit, mounted on British Army vehicles, designed to jam remote-controlled detonations.
Using sophisticated electronic counter-measures, they can locate any electronic intrusion or interference either from inside or outside the premises.
You have seen the military services take a particularly strong interest in technologies like night vision, electronic counter-measures, and other capabilities that give American soldiers and airmen a decisive advantage in combat.
Huge mechanised robots equipped with massive weaponry, sensors and electronic counter-measures will fight all battles in the next Millennium.
Four of the helicopters are to be outfitted for combat search and rescue operations, while the remainder will be equipped with enhanced electronic counter-measures and systems for operations in bad weather.
Actually, the S-300 is not a fully-developed system or one ever deployed, (though recently sold to Cyprus) - it would probably take many years for the Russians to get it up to its maximum quoted range of 100km, and certainly several years for it to be delivered and made operational for Syria, giving sufficient time for the Golan to be more heavily fortified and Israeli fighters to be fitted with improved electronic counter-measures.
These goals will be achieved with the introduction of three new elements: * The Glaive system, which is designed to replace the current electro-optical sensors and to complement the surveillance and firing radars in a passive mode in heavy electronic counter-measures environment.
The author succeeded in the difficult task of giving concise yet complete explanations of such esoteric subjects as antennas, radar detection and tracking, radar cross-section measurements, waveforms, signal processing methods, electronic counter-measures, pulsed Doppler frequency measurements, and systems applications in a 200 page book, without forcing on the reader a feeling of time or space compression.
Products include Electronic Counter-Measures ("ECM") equipment for jamming remote detonation of terrorist devices, specialty security equipment for Explosive Ordnance Disposal ("EOD"), remote intervention robots for hazardous applications, and personal protective wear for use in dealing with explosive and bio-chemical agents.
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