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The March issue of Lightwave magazine highlighted experiments with the integration of optical communications and electronic computing to create opto-electronic processing systems called smart pixels.
Unfortunately, because of the historically high cost of electronic computing on large mainframe computers and medium-size minicomputers, CAI has not been used extensively.
Electronic computing has become cheaper, faster, and more powerful over the years as technology advances.
Electronic auction: conducting an electronic auction for the right to conclude a contract for the supply of electronic computing equipment (ups, candy bar, printer) for the needs of the st.
Flowers said that, once Colossus had proved that large-scale digital electronic computing was feasible, Turing just had to wait for the opportunity to put his idea into practice.
The trouble in practice is that by the time DNA separations can be done with sufficient precision to break the Data Encryption Standard, advances in electronic computing could easily wipe out any possible advantages of the DNA approach.
When electronic computing was new, users communicated with the mainframe computer in the next room first by means of punched cards and later by using dumb terminals.
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