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(often plural) the branch of electrical engineering concerned with the technology of electronic communication at a distance

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We are excited to be expanding this service to all forms of electronic communications," said Craig Brauff, Chief Executive Officer for Erado.
Electronic communication services, systems and technologies for the provision of electronic communications services and value-added services, maintenance and support services for the operation of electronic communications networks, systems and technologies.
The ECPA prohibits "intercepts" of electronic communications, including e-mail.
These statutes, however, actually serve more to protect employers than to limit their rights to regulate the use of electronic communications systems by their employees.
The power of electronic communications technologies allows anyone to become a school cyberbully, which sadly can even include staff members.
Illinois law makers amended sections 607 and 609 of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act, defining visitation and instructing courts on how to consider electronic communication when determining parental visitation rights.
Through regular meetings, roundtables, industry and usage surveys, workgroups and other educational forums, TE3C will work to highlight issues and trends in electronic communications compliance and conduct.
Paper-based surveys of 76 staff before adoption of Patient Gateway, a secure Web portal for electronic communication with patients, found that 44 feared that patient e-mails would increase their workload.
According to Orchestria, the need to store communications data in order to comply with industry regulations is leading many large companies to route all employee e-mails and other electronic communications to expensive, high-availability storage.
Disclosure can occur through the use of electronic communications devices such as cordless and cell phones, faxes and e-mail.
As police departments strive to keep pace with the tremendous advancements in technology and electronic communications, they also must keep abreast of the privacy issues these advancements may present.
An advocacy group said the decision opens the door to further interpretations of the federal Wiretap Act that could erode personal privacy rights and put all electronic communications in jeopardy.
According to Zwierzynski, “It's hard to pick up on things like humor, sarcasm and other emotions using most kinds of electronic communications.
The 2003 Telecommunications Act, which brought Austria's electronic communications regulatory apparatus in line with European Union (EU) standards, is only now being brought to bear on the telecommunications market.
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