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commerce conducted electronically (as on the internet)

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However, current sales tax laws have not been updated for electronic commerce.
To preserve that independence, industry leaders need to act decisively to develop a system for self-regulation - an international code of conduct or "Bill of Rights" - for electronic commerce.
We are pleased to respond to the invitation to comment on the recommendations set forth in the report to the Minister on Electronic Commerce and Canada's Tax Administration.
Electronic commerce, a catch-all phrase for the various cashless ways we make transactions, is becoming more prevalent.
As previously announced, the conference will also feature respected electronic commerce thought leader, Leonard Haynes, executive vice president of Southern Company, who will deliver the morning keynote.
Does this rule apply to electronic commerce transmitted over the Internet?
Indeed, the taxation of electronic commerce is a current reality.
The Electronic Commerce Organization (ECO) is a non-profit 501 (c) 3 corporation dedicated to improving the practice of Electronic Commerce through education, support and the interchange of ideas.
To achieve these objectives, a reduction of approximately 350 people from the Electronic Commerce workforce worldwide will be required along with corresponding adjustments in spending to bring costs in line with the business strategy going forward.
The agreement with Rockwell Electronic Commerce represents Norstan's first major action in this effort.
We appreciate the contributions Michael Caglarcan has made in positioning Rockwell Electronic Commerce to become a market leader.
With more than twenty years of experience in electronic retailing, USA Electronic Commerce and Services offers businesses the combined expertise of Ticketmaster and the Home Shopping Network, packaged into a comprehensive suite of scalable solutions for e-tailers.
com currently supports the electronic commerce initiatives of Kroger, Fleming, Supervalu, C&S Grocers, Richfood, and Dillon Stores (including King Sooper, City Markets, and Fryes).
USA Electronic Commerce and Services delivers integrated electronic commerce solutions with a multi-platform business to business package including teleservices, product fulfillment, customer care, systems development, database marketing and integrated marketing products.
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