electronic countermeasures

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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Although the Electronic Combat International Security Assistance Program (ECISAP) has many similarities with the TCP, it is not officially categorized as a TCG.
Air Force for eight years from 1985 to 1993 in numerous assignments including Chief Pilot for Electronic Combat Operations in Spangdahlem, Germany, flying the F-4G Phantom from 1990 to 1993.
Currently, AAI is involved in the design, development and manufacture of a maintenance training simulator for JointSTARS, a Moving Target Simulator (MTS), Advanced Bore-sighting Equipment (ABE) and the Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST).
The MSTS are designed to test ultraviolet and infrared missile warning systems, including hostile fire indication, as well as radar and laser warning systems, allowing operators to confidently validate the operational status of installed electronic combat systems.
Contract Awarded for Delivering a comprehensive AN/USM-670A Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST ) service life extension program.
55th Electronic Combat Group, Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz.
This directorate had responsibilities for the AF aircraft, engine avionics, C3I, and electronic combat programs.
The new Joint Range Technical Services program covers Edwards' Air Force Flight Test Center, the Nevada Test and Training Range, the Utah Test and Training Range, and the Navy's Electronic Combat Range at China Lake.
Air Force for production of the Joint Service Electronic Combat Systems Tester (JSECST).
The system famously termed as a P5CTS system will improve the Air Force's combat proficiency in the areas of counter air, close air support, strategic attack, air interdiction and electronic combat.
Lockheed also is paired with Northrop to produce the next generation of the sophisticated detection radars for the Hawkeye surveillance plane, the P-3 anti-submarine aircraft and the Air Force C-130 electronic combat aircraft.
As the largest instrumented air, ground, and electronic combat training range in the world, Pacific Alaska Range Complex Air Combat Training System (PARC ACTS) is PACAF's premiere joint combat training venue for RED FLAG - Alaska (RF-A).
Turgeman served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) as an officer in various technical fields, among them Head of Electronic Combat Systems Development Department in the Israel Navy (IN).
Airborne Maint Technician, 43rd Electronic Combat Squadron
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