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a camera that encodes an image digitally and store it for later reproduction

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Chaney received four Emmy Awards for outstanding achievement in electronic camera work for covering the 1960 Winter Olympics, ``The Danny Kaye Show,'' ``Playhouse 90'' and a Neil Diamond special, ``Hello Again.
By coupling this beam projector with a light sensitive electronic chip, the same micro scanning system can be used as a kind of miniature electronic camera for applications like bar-code reading, endoscopy or high magnification machine vision systems.
The array is then scanned with an ordinary flatbed scanner or an inexpensive electronic camera before and after its exposure to an odor-producing substance.
The receiver prints or displays that e-material (In JetSend parlance, information to be transmitted, whether it's a page of text, a picture in an electronic camera, or a whole series of scanned pages, is called e-material, short for "electronic material").
To this basic computer, various peripherals can be added for complete, comprehensive field data collecting including, a forms development software for automating paper reports, an electronic camera, a global positioning system (GPS) receiver, communications software, and additional hardware such as a modem.
The instrument that does it is a portable electronic camera the size of a 35-mm model.
systems and electronic camera equipment," says Murrell.
7,210,161 - "Automatically Transmitting Images from an Electronic Camera to a Service Provider Using a Network Configuration File"
Also included is an electronic camera to inspect parts while still in the cavities for quality checks.
The array is digitally imaged with an ordinary flatbed scanner or an inexpensive electronic camera before and after exposure to the air.
An electronic camera would photograph the license plate, the vehicle's location in the intersection, and the color of the traffic light.
features a specially designed telescope and the largest electronic camera ever built.
An electronic camera display will beam up the speed motorists are travelling at, together with a smiling or scowling face, depending on whether or not the limit is being broken.
Earlier this month, the researchers used a new electronic camera to capture a sequence of images, which they combined into a short movie, says James E.
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