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a microscope that is similar in purpose to a light microscope but achieves much greater resolving power by using a parallel beam of electrons to illuminate the object instead of a beam of light

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The alloys assessed by scanning electronic microscope observation and metallography are the titanium-based TA6V4 alloy and a standard Au-Pd alloy for the metallo-ceramic technique.
For "Utopia Station" at last summer's Biennale he designed a poster with a long and perplexing essay that includes a report from a birthday party in the vault of the legendary Max Planck Institute for Brain Science in Frankfurt: "I went into the basement to see Walter Hofer (artist) who runs the Electronic Microscope since 20 years .
Scanning electronic microscope (SEM) and electron dispersive x-ray (EDX) analysis were inconclusive as to the root cause of the failure.
A Japanese scientist at Niigata University has succeeded in capturing the images of anthrax spores penetrating a human cell, using a high-power electronic microscope.
BUDDING scientists have a new piece of equipment at their fingertips with this clever computer-linked electronic microscope.
Upon returning to the school, we eagerly enter the library media center to inspect our findings, using the electronic microscope.
They included machining analysis, surface hardness measurements and defect inspection using a scanning electronic microscope.
To work with the data, an electronic microscope could read and transfer them to a computer, Stutz says.
Purchase of an electronic microscope tungsten scanning with energy-dispersive x-ray spectroscopy detector.
The equipment available at the institute, include nanostructured materials testers like SEM, electronic microscope, PSA (Particle Size Analysis), freeze dryer, thermal analysis, and FT-IR.
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