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Synonyms for surveillance

Synonyms for surveillance

the act of carefully watching

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close observation of a person or group (usually by the police)

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Details of the Prism system were said to have been set out in a 41-page PowerPoint presentation prepared for senior analysts at the NSA, the biggest electronic eavesdropping organisation in the world.
ISTANBUL: Evidence of electronic eavesdropping on a political party just over a week before an election has given opposition leaders ammunition to question the state of Turkey's democracy under Prime MinisterRecep Tayyip Erdogan.
Working with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), which analyzes pictures from spy satellites and aircraft, and the National Security Agency, which conducts electronic eavesdropping, the CIA concluded that the compound was built with unusual security features -- including high-walls topped with barbed-wire -- and that its inhabitants appeared to take unusual security precautions.
The poll said that the issue of greatest importance to Bulgarians was price inflation, many points ahead of the recent controversies around electronic eavesdropping.
Knowledge that Hizbollah had already begun electronic eavesdropping and targeting in on IDF targets in 2006, there is every reason to believe that they are more sophisticated in that area now.
His electronic eavesdropping charge was levelled despite assurances that MPs' telephones were not tapped.
THE Government's electronic eavesdropping agency - GCHQ - last night claimed it had no plans to monitor all internet use and telephone calls in the UK.
GCHQ - the Government's secret electronic eavesdropping agency - has denied that it was pressing ahead with plans to monitor all UK internet use and telephone calls.
THE Gover nment's secret electronic eavesdropping agency - GCHQ - last night denied it was pressing ahead with plans to monitor all internet use and telephone calls in the UK.
After the 9/11 attacks in 2001, Russia supposedly abandoned the huge Soviet-built Cuban electronic eavesdropping center at Lourdes, which was run by 1,500 Russian military and KGB/FSB technicians, but that has not been verified.
D, CPP, operates Future Focus, a Seattle company that provides computer forensic services and inspections for electronic eavesdropping devices.
London's biggest problem, however, is how to explain the situation to the Americans who have indicated that they are worried about electronic eavesdropping or, worse, a terrorist attack and do not want any Chagossians or their dependants on Diego Garcia or, indeed, any of the 65 islands in the archipelago.
As head of the NSA--the American electronic eavesdropping organization--the 61-year-old oversaw the program, which allows for the monitoring of international calls and e-mails of "terrorist suspects" inside the US without a warrant.
Britain's GCHQ electronic eavesdropping centre -- which has a close relationship with the United States' National Security Agency (NSA) -- has taken a leading role in helping the other countries work around laws intended to limit spying, the British newspaper said.
MI6 chief Sir John Sawers said al-Qaeda were "rubbing their hands with glee" at the exposure of the surveillance methods used by GCHQ - Britain's electronic eavesdropping agency - and its US counterpart, the National Security Agency.
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