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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Electronic Counter Measures (ECMs) can jam remote-controlled signals sent by terrorists to detonate devices.
The box-like contraptions - called electronic counter measures (ECM) - jam signals sent by terrorists to detonate devices by remote control.
The TGA2509, an ultra wideband power amplifier (PA) with adjustable gain control (AGC), is suitable for defense and commercial amplifier applications including electronic warfare, electronic counter measures, radar and digital radio.
is being awarded a not-to-exceed $21,653,423 firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract for the procurement of not more than 101 Miniaturized I/J band RF Memory Modulators (DRFM) used in the AN/ULQ-21 Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) Set.
With over 10 years of active service in the military, his technical experience includes principles of RADAR operation and electronic counter measures.
The Russians took electronic counter measures against our site.
Corporate Resolutions' services include review of public records, physical surveillance, electronic counter measures sweep, polygraph examinations, and handwriting analysis.
This includes Electronic Counter Measures pods, missile warners and a chaff and flare dispenser.
Mrs Probyn believes Daniel should have had technology, called Electronic Counter Measures, to jam radio signals that detonate IEDs.
But nobody had got round to supplying the regiment on the frontline with the electronic counter measures equipment.
The TGA2513 wideband LNA is an AGC amplifier for electronic warfare, electronic counter measures and radar receiver or driver amplifier applications.
Develop the capability to understand at high confidence the quantitative effect of hostile Electronic Counter Measures (ECMs) on air platform sensors and the performance of hostile radars for the duration of scenarios, and over the range of likely operating environments, in order to be able to design, develop, test, deploy and train with platforms that are provably robust against these threats.
ECM pod - electronic counter measures - which fools
Radar warning, electronic counter measures (ECM) and electronics intelligence (ELINT) systems rely on critical measurements to identify threats, map the electronic battlefield and ultimately implement deceptive countermeasures," said Art Humason, technical director at Mercury Computer Systems.
Contract Awarded for Electronic Counter Measures servicing
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