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electronic warfare undertaken to prevent or reduce an enemy's effective use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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Houston Secured Services Include: Houston Security and Risk Assessment, Houston Technical Electronic Counter Measures, Houston Video and GPS Monitoring, and Houston Physical Protection
Contract Awarded for Electronic Counter Measures servicing
ECM pod - electronic counter measures - which fools
Radar warning, electronic counter measures (ECM) and electronics intelligence (ELINT) systems rely on critical measurements to identify threats, map the electronic battlefield and ultimately implement deceptive countermeasures," said Art Humason, technical director at Mercury Computer Systems.
McCann Global provides private investigative services, including backgrounds, covert investigations, fraud recovery, electronic counter measures and security vulnerability assessments.
In the spirit of the Aegis tradition of "build a little, test a little, learn a lot," USS Bainbridge operated a SPY-1D(V) Aegis Open Architecture computer program supporting a series of live, at-sea events to detect, track, and perform successful simulated Standard Missile engagements against a variety of targets in an adverse electronic counter measures environment.
This combination of high-performance FPGA processing and the flexibility of FMC-based I/O in a air- or conduction-cooled 3U VPX package is ideal for demanding real-time applications such as Electronic Warfare (EW) and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), and UAV sensor acquisition.
The AN/ALE-55 FOTDs and EFCs are components of the Integrated Defensive Electronic Counter Measures (IDECM) suite.
The weapons are more accurate than shoulder fired antitank rockets and, if used against aircraft, immune to electronic counter measures.
This combination of high-speed analog input and high-performance FPGA processing is ideal for demanding real-time applications such as Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), Radar and Telecommunications.
FMI") of Waltham Massachusetts for the purposes of submitting a significant proposal to the United States Army for the supply of Electronic Counter Measures ("ECM").
Filtronic's Defense Electronics business designs and manufactures a range of microwave products for radar, electronic support measures and electronic counter measures systems used to protect modern military platforms from hostile threats.
The AN/ALQ-214(V)4/5 is an OBJ component of the integrated defensive electronic counter measures system.
com ) launched today as a comprehensive site that calls for the creation of "Trojan Horse" MP3s as electronic counter measures, "Napster Bombs" that undermine the integrity of illegal file sharing and also names Metallica's Lars Ulrich "Artist of the Year" for personally kicking some 300,000 Napster users off the service.
The ADC510, available in air-cooled and conduction-cooled rugged versions, integrates two 12-bit 500MHz A/D chips for use in DSP applications such as Signal Intelligence (SIGINT), Electronic Counter Measures (ECM), and Radar.
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