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Thales Electron Devices (Thales ED), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thales, is the world's leading manufacturer of electron tubes and associated devices for professional applications in the civil and military sectors.
As the new radar does not use electron tubes, which have to be periodically replaced and disposed of, it reduces environmental loads, meeting Toshiba's goal of maximizing the eco-efficiency of its products and systems.
Demand for GaN power FET for radars and satellite microwave communications base stations is growing steadily, both for new equipment and replacement of electron tubes.
is a leading international distributor and a manufacturer of electron tubes and power semiconductors with a presence in 50 countries throughout the world.
and electronic components & materials (semiconductors, electron tubes, optoelectronic devices, liquid crystal displays, batteries, printed circuit boards, etc.
quality Monitor," said Jay Heinecke, director, Electron Tubes and
TAEC offers one of the broadest IC product lines in the industry as well as technologically advanced electron tubes and solid-state devices, including color picture tubes, color display tubes, liquid crystal displays, rechargeable batteries, microwave components, laser diodes and optical transmission devices.
manufactures and rebuilds a wide variety of electron tubes, and has recently relocated to new facilities in Watsonville, California.
NASDAQ:RELL) is a highly specialized, international distributor offering engineered solutions for electron tubes, power semiconductors, related electronic components and security systems.
Products and markets covered in this report include Semiconductor & Other Electronic Component Manufacturing, Electron Tube Mfg, Transmittal, Industrial & Special-Purpose Electron Tubes (Except X-Ray), Transmittal/Ind.
In his capacity as a Finishing Engineer, he developed the technique of square wave analysis of high screen current rejects in electron tubes.
Thales said the excellent performance of its electron tubes, recognised worldwide, is based on a long experience in the development and production of these highly specialised products, demanding expertise and extensive industrial facilities.
The journal is published quarterly and is devoted to the science and technology of all types of electronic components, including semiconductor materials, thick-film materials, electron tubes, capacitors, and solid-state memories.
Paris, France 8/23/05 -- Photonis Holding SAS has acquired Burle Industries, a manufacturer of specialized electron tubes and electro-optic products, including photomultiplier tubes, Channeltron mass spectrometry detectors and advanced performance detectors.
The five businesses are home electric appliances, information technology solutions, medical systems, materials and components and electron tubes.
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