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an elementary particle with negative charge

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Beginning with electron theory and Ohm's law, the work covers topics such as series and parallel circuits, energy and power, batteries, conductors and wire sizes, conductor properties, electromagnetism, DC motor principles, switching controls, and remote systems for lighting control.
Written in a narrative, storytelling style, There Are No Electrons covers basic electron theory (and why it's the "Easter Bunny" of science), voltage, current, resistance, magnetism, and much more.
It is of little use teaching the electron theory without first knowing what a permanent magnet will do when it moves within a coil of wire.
His thesis dealt quite ably with the electron theory of metals but never gained wide recognition, partly because there were few speakers of Danish who knew enough of the topic to promote its broader publication.
Some of the hand-waving arguments the author uses are not very convincing, such as the electrostatic Coulomb repulsion with an electron-phonon-electron interaction model, built on Cooper's electron theory.
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