electron paramagnetic resonance

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microwave spectroscopy in which there is resonant absorption of radiation by a paramagnet

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Electron spin resonance spectroscopy studies have shown that *OH are generated in a DNA-free solution containing Cr(III) and [H.
The IBM group used electron spin resonance spectroscopy to analyze the distribution of electrons in these substances and found that the metal atoms inside give up a total of three electrons to the fullerene, Yannoni says.
Picogram gas chromatography and electron spin resonance spectroscopy are used with fast flow systems in which the concentrations of intermediates have not reached their steady-state values.
Analysis of free radicals in lubricants, plastics, crude oil, foods and beverages and R&D applications has never been more cost-effective or simpler than with our new electron spin resonance spectroscopy solutions.
Other techniques which have been include nuclear magnetic spectroscopy, electron spin resonance spectroscopy and methods based on chemiluminescence and positron annihilation lifetime mass spectrometry.
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