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a microscope that is similar in purpose to a light microscope but achieves much greater resolving power by using a parallel beam of electrons to illuminate the object instead of a beam of light

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Chalmers is to acquire state-of-the-art electron microscopes including a high-resolution transmission electron microscope (TEM) with attachments, a scanning electron microscope (SEM) with attachments and a combined focused ion beam (FIB) SEM instruments with attachments.
0%, due to the presence of world class manufacturers for scanning electron microscopes in this region and increasing usage of SEM for elemental analysis and imaging.
The Colombian government's National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) has announced the award of a major contract for the characterisation of shale core samples, which will use a significant number of Zeiss electron microscopes for high resolution, three dimensional imaging of subsoil organic content.
The cryo-scanning electron microscope will tremendously assist ongoing projects at Swansea - including the development of biosensors used to detect cancerous cells, scaffolds for tissue engineering and literally thousands of other applications.
Correlative Navigation Utility for the correlation of navigational coordinate systems between different types of microscopes, such as optical and electron microscopes.
The university was among the first in Europe to get its hands on a Hitachi SU-70 Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope last year, and it also has a JEOL 2100F model and a JEOL 1200EX Transmission Electron Microscope.
Fifty years ago the first electron microscopes opened a new frontier in the microscopic world.
Total quantity or scope: Lot 1 electron microscope.
Global and regional markets for Electron Microscopes
The gold enables scientists to image bacteria-binding antibodies in the blood with an electron microscope, thereby clinching the microbes' presence, the researchers report in the June JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MICROBIOLOGY.
Tenders are invited for Electron microscopes for EPFL - Lausanne and the Zion EPFL-
With the aid of powerful scanning electron microscopes, an anatomist has developed the first method for directly measuring daily or weekly rates of tooth wear.
However there is still a requirement for high-resolution scanning electron microscopes as material development and processing technologies continue to be downsized.
The EPFL intends two transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and scanning electron microscopes two (SEM) to obtain, which are in Sion Campus and the EPFL and installed in the electron microscopy center CIME.
Using X-rays and electron microscopes, they analyze soil particles recovered from stolen antiquities in an effort to prove the items were illegally removed from protected sites.
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