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an elementary particle with negative charge

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In previous studies [21-23] on kukersite oil shale kerogen swelling in single solvents it was observed that the maximum swelling occurred in high electron donor number (EDN) solvents such as propylamine and 1-methyl-2-pyrrolidinone (NMP).
The adapted strain readily produced electrical current in microbial fuel cells with hydrogen gas as the sole electron donor and no organic carbon source," said Kumar, who noted that when the hydrogen supply to the microbial fuel cell was intermittently stopped electrical current dropped significantly and cells attached to the electrodes did not generate any significant current.
In previous studies, electron donor or acceptor metals were used to change energy gap of metallic oxides leading to increase in costs and efforts.
Therefore, it is quite worthy to investigate the ingenious light-harvesting mechanism and electron transfer mechanism in plants and then optimize the combining manner between the electron donor and the electron acceptor of hydrogen-abstraction photoinitiators.
Instead, the exciton diffuses to an interface with electron donor and acceptor materials, where it interacts and creates the current.
NADPH can then serve as an electron donor for methylene blue, reversing the direction of electron flow so that there is ongoing reduction of methaemoglobin back to the [Fe.
where it may undergo spin reversion to generate the lower energy triplet state of the excited primary electron donor of PSII, [sup.
is used for cell growth, and is consumed by hydrogen ions in a neutralization reaction, but is not an electron donor.
Unless this chain stopped by the action of an antioxidant, basically an electron donor or receiver that gets electrons paired-up again, cell damage could occur.
This suggests that scoured cotton fabrics can be described as monopolar surfaces with a strong electron donor capacity.
In addition, we tested the effect of the herbicide on the ubiquitous moiety of the aromatase, which is the electron donor reductase.
The winning design developed by CH2M HILL chose EHC over other potential substrates evaluated due to its incorporation of zero valent iron with the plant-based carbon source, as the electron donor," said Mr.
The reaction was conducted in the presence of an electron donor material to minimize the crosslinking reactions in the extruder.
In these systems,' he says, "[hydrogen gas] is often present in only low levels and [carbon dioxide] is abundant, so that [elemental iron] could serve as a significant electron donor.
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