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a flow of electricity through a conductor

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The Authors begin with the following equation for electron current,
sp](t) at different positions of electron beam relative the slot, and then in restoration by the measured characteristics of the tape density distribution of electron current over surface of the specimen.
C = hole and electron current ratio at emitter junction for [DELTA]E=0
In addition, recent improvements in the radio-frequency control system have substantially increased the electron current injected into the machine, so that injection currents in excess of 500 mA have now been attained (as compared to the 300 mA characteristic of SURF II).
In operation, the crossed fields trap a near-constant circulating electron current.
When the electron current flows from the upper end of the tether to the lower end, the pull from the Earth's magnetic field slows the spacecraft and causes it to fall into a lower orbit.
What makes cathodic protection confusing is that the current must change from electron current in the metallic part to an ion current in the soil part.
Even a weak charge placed on the grid can have a relatively enormous effect on the electron current.
Because the superconducting phase hasn't been isolated and identified yet, Hermann can't tell whether the observed electron current is in the superconducting part of the material or in some other, nonsuperconducting phase.
Most electronic devices exhibit Johnson noise [10], where the electron current has a characteristic 1/f spectrum.
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