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a flow of electricity through a conductor

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We have reported refined direct quantum detection of 3-space turbulence: gravitational waves, using electron current fluctuations in reverse bias mode Zener diodes, separated by a mere 25cm, that permitted the absolute determination of the 3-space velocity of some 500 km/s, in agreement with the speed and direction from a number of previous analyzes that involved light speed anisotropy, including in particular the NASA spacecraft Earth-flyby Doppler shift effect, and the first such Zener diode direct detections of space flow using correlations between Perth and London detectors in 2013.
sp](t) at different positions of electron beam relative the slot, and then in restoration by the measured characteristics of the tape density distribution of electron current over surface of the specimen.
What makes cathodic protection confusing is that the current must change from electron current in the metallic part to an ion current in the soil part.
Because the superconducting phase hasn't been isolated and identified yet, Hermann can't tell whether the observed electron current is in the superconducting part of the material or in some other, nonsuperconducting phase.
Furthermore, the minus sign on the normalized transmission current in (18) implies that no electrons are entering Region II--the total electron current (reflected plus "transmitted") travels in the negative z direction away from the step.
52 eV) [3] in heating up to 2500 K is able to emit electron current up to 500 mA from each square centimeter of open cathode area, while some oxide cathodes showed at lower temperatures emission current density 1 * [10.
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