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a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation

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Carbon nanofibres and nanotubes have shown promising results in order to produce small nano-electrode biosensors by using electron beam lithography.
With the acquisition of the lithography system and its unique nanoscale patterning capabilities, the Penn State Nanofabrication Laboratory will have one of the most advanced electron beam lithography systems for nanotechnology research and development.
UCL would like to invite suppliers to submit bids for supply of a 100 kEV Electron Beam Lithography system.
This contract is for the purchase, delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment materials analysis by scanning electron microscopy and electron beam lithography, the Centre for Studies and Technological Research microelectronics (Certem) as part of the fifteenth installment purchase (financed balances budget 2014)
SUSS MicroTec offers a cost-effective alternative to high-resolution electron beam lithography for printing these sub-100 nm geometries with three newly released embossing tools specifically designed to accommodate the many requirements for nanoimprinting.
Vistec's EBPG5200 Features the Most Advanced Electron Beam Lithography Technology for Exposure of Substrates - from Small Fragments to Complete 200mm Substrates.
The University of Sheffield is out to tender for an Electron Beam lithography system to support nanotechnology research programmes across a number of disciplines.
Berger holds ten US patents, has one patent pending, and has been published in more than sixty publications, primarily in the fields of electron beam lithography, microscopy and analysis.
With the emergence of nanotechnology, conventional methods based on electron beam lithography and extreme ultraviolet photolithography become prohibitively expensive.
Purchase and installation of an electron beam lithography system.
He received his Doctorate of Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University, emphasizing a new analytical model for the simulation of electron beam lithography using chemically amplified resist.
DTR technology utilizes an electron beam lithography system developed in research related to the "Nanometer-Scale Optical High Density Disk Storage System", a national project supported by Japan's New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO).
With regard to the specific needs of the participating laboratories, the following criteria are important: It must have a user-friendly interface, which as an atomic force microscope works, and can produce structures such as an electron beam lithography machine.
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