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the antiparticle of a neutrino

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In this case, the findings suggest that the muon antineutrino or the electron antineutrino has a mass of at least 0.
But the relevance of this measurement, which sets an upper limit of 8 electronvolts on the mass of an electron antineutrino, remains clouded by concerns that an unknown physical effect may be interfering with the experiment.
Interestingly, the team saw muon antineutrinos turning into electron antineutrinos at a higher rate than expected - just like at LSND.
The team looks for light flashes caused by electron antineutrinos emitted by 69 distant nuclear power reactors in Japan and Korea.
Two groups of researchers now say it may be feasible to measure directly the global abundance of these two isotopes by detecting electron antineutrinos produced when the atoms decay.
These pions decay into muons, muon neutrinos, muon antineutrinos, and electron neutrinos, but not electron antineutrinos.
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