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the antiparticle of a neutrino

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Analyzing more than 300,000 electron antineutrinos (the antimatter counterpart of the electron neutrino) collected from the Daya Bay nuclear reactors during 217 days of operation, researchers found 6 percent fewer of the particles than predicted by the standard particle physics model.
The Daya Bay result provides the most precise measure yet of the energies of electron antineutrinos at a nuclear reactor.
In this case, the findings suggest that the muon antineutrino or the electron antineutrino has a mass of at least 0.
In such decay, one of the two neutrons in a tritium nucleus turns into a proton and sends off a particle-antiparticle pair -- an electron and an electron antineutrino.
Interestingly, the team saw muon antineutrinos turning into electron antineutrinos at a higher rate than expected - just like at LSND.
pdf) findings , announced at the International Conference on High Energy Physics in Chicago, suggest that there are - more muon neutrinos were found changing into electron neutrinos than muon antineutrinos changing into electron antineutrinos.
The team looks for light flashes caused by electron antineutrinos emitted by 69 distant nuclear power reactors in Japan and Korea.
Two groups of researchers now say it may be feasible to measure directly the global abundance of these two isotopes by detecting electron antineutrinos produced when the atoms decay.
These pions decay into muons, muon neutrinos, muon antineutrinos, and electron neutrinos, but not electron antineutrinos.
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