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an elementary particle with negative charge

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The Pr fraction has potential value for using nitrate as an alternative electron acceptor to mitigate ruminal methane emission, but further research on what role microorganisms play in nitrate reduction activity in the Pr fraction should be addressed.
The supramolecular system participating in electron transfer can be expressed by A-L-B, where A and B are electron donor and electron acceptor respectively in electron transfer process and L is the "bridge" or coupling unit between A and B.
In the case of the propanol-NMP mixture, the swelling behavior is believed to be influenced by the ability of n-propanol to act as an electron acceptor (EAN = 37.
3+] in nontronite acted as the sole electron acceptor in their experiments.
37] probably formed a charge transfer with the electron acceptor PCBM and the generated carriers consequently induce a sharp increase in the current density.
The use of fullerenes as the electron acceptor and transporter results in higher quantum efficiencies of the cells.
Keeping this in view, we have designed three new D-A type conjugated polymers carrying 1,3,4-oxadiazole as an electron acceptor moiety and thiophenes with different substitution as electron donors in the polymer backbone with the hope that resulting molecules would show better NLO properties.
Not only is rhodium a strong electron acceptor, but it's also reactive enough to split water and it's stable.
The promoted electron can either recombine with a hole or may be accepted by an electron acceptor and removed from the valence band.
The partial contribution of the C - Y bond as an electron acceptor of the n[[Pi].
Na Wei of the University of Illinois in Champaign, Illinois, for her presentation on "Anaerobic MTBE/TBA Biodegradation Under Different Terminal Electron Acceptor Processes.
In view of the nitrile electron acceptor groups in the NBR which can interact strongly with the electron donating hydroxyl groups on the CNT surface, a stronger interaction is anticipated between the nanotubes and the NBR matrix.
Because the work function of the metal is pinned near the LUMO level of the electron acceptor resulting in that the metal electrode forms an Ohmic contact with the acceptor percolation paths (64).
Already, a semiconducting device has been fabricated by overlaying alternate LB layers of an electron donor compound and an electron acceptor.
Williams' team laid claim to the previous organic superconducting record last July with a structurally similar ET salt in which a bromine complex, rather than a chlorine complex, serves as the electron acceptor.