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Established in 1996, Jiangsu DaZhong Electromotor Stock Co.
ceiling - 3000 m with fully charged batteries Motor type LEM, brush EM 42, brushless DC/DC electromotor electromotor Motor power 18 kW 42 kW Motor weight ca 8,5 kg approx.
The motor, usually an electromotor, delivers energy to the fan impeller and the impeller transforms the energy into the energy in the air handled by the fan.
The compressor's electromotor with its casing is fastened with screws to the compressor's casing, what ensures necessary tightness.
The example of problems, which originate at the modelling and manufacturing of part with unknown variable radius flow, can be shown on the template for the coiling of stator winding of electromotor (Fig.
For determine those three case, we can control the relevant cams by using of several electro mechanical devices such as magnetic, electromotor and pneumatic forces.
The very basis of functional biological systems is electromechanics--from nerve-controlled muscle contraction on the macroscale, to cardiac activity and hearing on the micron scale, to energy storage in mitochondria, voltage-controlled ion channels, and electromotor proteins on the nanoscale.
A rotating axle driven by an electromotor, located exactly at the middle of the axle, has two holed discs at its extremities.
La senal de comando para la generacion de la DOE es iniciada en un nucleo unico bulbar (nucleo marcapaso, nucleo electromotor bulbar), cuyas celulas poseen las propiedades funcionales de marcapasos celulares (Bennet y cols.
Todo lo demas: el proceso que va del aparato de relojeria a la maquina de vapor, al electromotor, hasta el proceso quimico-biologico, viene dado por si mismo en el desarrollo ulterior de la tecnica y de las ciencias naturales y no exige una nueva decision metafisica".
The first recorded instance of intraoperative testing may be the electromotor test developed by Burge and Vane in 1958 (1) to assess the completeness of vagotomy in patients undergoing antrectomy because of gastric ulcer disease.
The company says it will display city buses that will be powered by an internal combustion engine and an electromotor.
When the channels are transiently opened, short influxes of sodium pass through, leading to an electromotor gradient that is opposed to the resting potential of the membrane, which then builds up the action potential necessary for impulse conduction.
The electromotor system of Torpedo is a well-established model for studies on the chemistry of cholinergic synaptic transmission (for review see Whittaker, 1992).