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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers at Islamic Azad University, the Southern Tehran Branch, succeeded in the production of fibers with high thermal resistance, antibacterial and anti-flame properties that are also able to absorb electromagnetic waves.
Novel miniature semi-circular-semi-fractal monopole dual band antenna," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 22(2-3): 227-237.
Nowadays, electromagnetic waves with various frequencies and high intensity are as an important factor in the environment and fear of emersion of unknown diseases, blood component changes, its effect on nervous systems, mutation and incidence of diseases such as growth of cancer cells has increased general cocern and has stimulated scientific centers around the world [10].
Experimental evidence method of heating wires with propagating thereon RF electromagnetic waves.
As a result, OEMs have had to design their housings either with thicker walls or by using additional metal coatings or steel sheets to protect against electromagnetic waves.
Instead, the receiver has to expend energy to measure the electromagnetic waves in the vacuum disturbed by the long-gone photon.
Kunihiko Morinaga's radical way involves new garment line called 'Focus: Life Gear by Trident', which contains jackets, shirts, and pants crafted from radio-frequency-shielding fabric that supposedly deflects your phone's electromagnetic waves and renders the device essentially useless, CNet reported.
When Vogue told the reality star, 33, that actor Woody Harrelson refuses to put mobile phones to his ear because of concern over electromagnetic waves that could be linked to cancer, she replied: "I'd rather have a few years off my life.
They expressed their concern that another private company's antenna had been set up at a distance of 100 metres from the proposed site, stating that they held concerns for the health and safety as antennas emit electromagnetic waves.
Thereafter, the CTG tests were repeated; while the mobile phones were in the dialing mode for 30 minutes, then Doppler ultrasound evaluation was done just after 5 minutes of hanging up the mobile phone to avoid the disturbance of the electromagnetic waves produced by the mobile device on the Doppler machine.
It deploys nano-sized electronics that use terahertz radiation (T-rays)--or electromagnetic waves with a frequency range between microwaves and infrared.
Lightning is basically a big spark of electricity that radiates electromagnetic waves called radio waves.
The dimensioning of the antenna was based on the general equations for electromagnetic waves, imposing limit conditions specific to the surface resonance.
It uses harmless electromagnetic waves to create an image based on the energy reflected from the body.
The new chamber, which is scheduled for completion in about October 2009, will make possible measurement, evaluation, and analysis of electromagnetic waves at the world's highest levels.