electromagnetic radiation

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This is also supported by the electromagnetic wave theory of light.
Arthur Artem Saakian draws from his years of experience and expertise as an antenna engineer in the Antennas and Radar Systems Division of the Naval Air Systems Command in Patuxent River, Maryland, to provide a comprehensive instructional study and reference work on the classification of radio waves, as well as electromagnetic wave theory, antennas for RF radio links, atmospheric affects in radio wave propagation.
Coverage progresses from electromagnetic wave theory of light to geometrical optics, laser beams and resonators, light-matter interactions, and semiconductor lasers, as well as anisotropic media and modulation of light, noise and optical detection, dielectric waveguides and optical fibers, and nonlinear optics.
Wei Ren, "Contributions to the Electromagnetic Wave Theory of Bounded Homogenous Anistropic Media," Physical Review, Vol.
Electromagnetic Field Theory and Quantum Mechanics contains a brief account of electromagnetic wave theory and Maxwell's equations as well as an introductory account of quantum mechanics with related topics including ab initio methods and Spin and Pauli's principles