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Synonyms for electromagnetism

magnetism produced by an electric current

the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena

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A novel mathematical procedure based on GO/PO tube tracing approach for modeling the electromagnetic propagation inside the lens antenna has been illustrated.
To identify the nature of the electromagnetic propagation inside a structure, four methods have been commonly used.
His topics include electromagnetic propagation and reception, the basics of antenna engineering, modulation and multiplexing techniques, error correction techniques, link budget analysis, an overview of IPv6, and carrying various versions of IP and transmission control protocol (TCP) over satellite links.
Efect of terrain on electromagnetic propagation in urban environments on the Andean region, using the Cost 231-Walfisch-Ikegami model and GIS planning tools.
He earned his PhD from the University of Wales Swansea on special finite element techniques for unbounded electromagnetic propagation problems.
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