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(chemistry) a chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions

removing superfluous or unwanted hair by passing an electric current through the hair root

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Right now, the prototype electrolyzer system is being thoroughly tested by welding professionals in the UK.
ITM electrolyzers deliver hydrogen at a pressure and quality appropriate to the application, at purities of up to 99.
NREL noted that the project will compare electrolyzer technologies, with researchers examining issues related to system efficiency, integration, compression, storage, cost and the use of a mixture of hydrogen and natural gas.
The AEG PS power supply system will be used for the hydrogen electrolyzer with a total capacity of 6 MW, in a hybrid power generation plant under construction in the North of Germany.
The refueling station extracts hydrogen from water using a PEM electrolyzer supported by a small solar panel or a USB port that can simply plug into a laptop computer.
Significant players in the emerging market for hydrogen fueling include industrial gas companies (IGCs), large energy and gas companies, and other hydrogen infrastructure providers such as electrolyzer companies that are already supplying the merchant hydrogen market.
Objective: We aim to determine the technical and economic viability of a novel water electrolyzer technology based in inexpensive catalysts from transition metal coordination polymers.
ASHTA has chosen Ineos Technologies Limited (Runcorn, England) as its membrane electrolyzer equipment and technology provider and Jacobs as its engineering, procurement and construction management provider for this project.
The new refueling stations will demonstrate a variety of hydrogen production methods with two electrolyzer stations planned, one utilizing wind power and the other solar power.
It will supply the fueling system with a Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) electrolyzer capable of producing 12 kilograms of hydrogen per day.
GE Global Research, the centralized research organization of the General Electric Company, has been awarded Popular Mechanics magazine's 2006 Breakthrough Award for its development of an advanced hydrogen electrolyzer.
The technology includes an electrolyzer, a hydrogen storage and compression system, and multiple fueling dispensers, and is able to provide hydrogen, a hydrogen and compressed natural gas (HCNG) blend, and compressed natural gas for alternative fueled vehicles.
The researchers expect to have a commercial product in the market by 2014, with a prototype electrolyzer designed to provide a family home's energy needs ready for testing by 2015.
The Hydrogen House Project is now actively seeking partners to upgrade the Hydrogen House's damaged low-pressure hydrogen system to a high-pressure storage system integrating more modern fuel cell and electrolyzer technology.
Calculations were applied to a solar cell array that was coupled to an electrolyzer that used electricity from the array to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.