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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of electricity and the production of electricity by chemical reactions

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The present work deals with the electrochemical reduction of various carbonyl compounds such as (1) Acetone (2) Acetophenone (3) 4-Choloro benzaldehyde was carried out by using the weak acid (Phenol) in aprotic solvent for the synthesis of the Pinacol.
Afterwards, the cathode will be used into an electrochemical reduction process that is presented hereinafter.
The electrochemical reduction of 1 mM quinaldic acid (2-quinoline carboxylic acid) has been studied in buffer solutions of pH values 1.
Chemical and electrochemical reduction methods are also covered, as well as metal refining techniques.
These were the first materials used for the fundamental research of electrochemical reduction of [CO.
The carbon-carbon crosslinks formed in the peroxide cure system are expected to be very resistant to electrochemical reduction.
Data from subsequent electrochemical reduction experiments in aprotic solvent supporting-electrolyte systems revealed that the anion pi-radicals were stable, and that their formations were reversible and diffusion-controlled (Gough and Powers, 1966).
The second primary aim of the proposal project is to evaluate the effect of adsorption of these molecules on the electrochemical reduction of oxygen (ORR), a reaction of immense technological importance.
This approach produces very large volume reductions from the original contaminated water by electrochemical reduction of the ions to zero-valent metal on the surfaces of the cathodic particles," the authors write.
Stainless Steel electrode have been used widely in our laboratory for the electrochemical reduction of some nitro compounds [4-13].
Dimensional measurements of discs before the electrochemical reduction process are presented in Table 2.
A Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering Study of the Intermediate and Poisouing Species Formed During the Electrochemical Reduction of C[O.
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