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branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical action of electricity and the production of electricity by chemical reactions

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This can be achieved using one of TFP's dielectric nonwovens, which acts as an electrically isolating layer, providing a barrier to galvanic corrosion by preventing the electrochemical reaction.
The electrochemical reaction can then take place either through holes in the magnetite film, on the surface of the poorly conducting magnetite film itself or at the miniscule ring of steel surrounding the holiday where disbondment can occur.
When metal contacts water, an electrochemical reaction starts to occur.
At the heart of the FCX Clarity is a fuel cell stack - a device that uses an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen (H2) and oxygen (O2) to convert chemical energy into electrical energy to power a motor that drives the car's wheels.
Typically, tile sample acts as one electrode in the electrochemical reaction, while the SPM tip itself is the other active electrode.
This voltage bias (constant potential) in the presence of the right condition for an electrochemical reaction will result in crosslinking of the precursor.
A fuel cell works using the same electrochemical reaction as the battery under a car hood, Samuelsen explains.
NanoBridge(TM) technology utilizes the atom switching effect of a nanometer scale metal bridge, in which an electrically conductive channel is created or annihilated by stretching a metallic bridge controlled by an electrochemical reaction inside a solid electrolyte.
The feedback system controls the flow of fuel and oxidant gases required to maintain and maximize the electrochemical reaction of the fuel cell stack under varying current loads.
ORB is reportedly a new class of rechargeable battery, which uses the electrochemical reaction of organic radical compounds.
The system would be based on fuel-cell technology, which generates electricity by combining combustible fuels such as natural gas with air in an electrochemical reaction similar to a conventional battery.
The electrochemical reaction causes effervescing as the tarnish clears.
This gives rise to an electrochemical reaction that produces electricity and heat.
Fuel cells produce electricity through an electrochemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.
Thermal runaway is an electrochemical reaction that causes a battery to heat and possibly explode.
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