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Also joining them, all the way from Stockholm, was Professor Olle Johansson, who made a special visit from the Karolinska Institute in the Swedish capital, where he has established himself as one of the world's leading authorities on electro-magnetic radiation.
Now the President's Cancer Panel, set up by Barack Obama to research the possible links with nuclear and electro-magnetic radiation, has asked Eileen for her views on the issue.
There's enough electro-magnetic radiation here as it is.
The creatures are repelled by the electro-magnetic radiation emitted from radar installations, scientists at Aberdeen University have found.
Ewald, who was writing his doctoral dissertation in the year 1912, the title of which was, "On the Propagation of Electro-Magnetic Radiation in a Medium Consisting of a Regular Arrangement of Resonators.
Sunlight, composed of electro-magnetic radiation ranging in color from red to blue, is scattered by particles suspended in the water.
Deployable trainers must be able to survive in corrosive salt-water environments and endure the electro-magnetic radiation that exists onboard ships.
The Swedish Tenants Association says it does not want radio base stations for Sweden's third generation (3G) mobile networks to be built on apartment block roofs or even in the vicinity of residential buildings because of the possible health hazard from the electro-magnetic radiation that the stations emit.
If you use, or are giving a gift of, a mobile phone, you may want to try and neutralize the electro-magnetic radiation it emits.
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