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the product of voltage and current

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Attacks on the public infrastructure in Ukraine, including electricity supply to Crimea, are criminal acts.
The Minister of Water Resources and Electricity, Moutaz Musa, noted in press statements that the meeting was devoted for the considering management of the stability of the power supply at Khartoum Airport in light of the challenges and failures that have occurred in the Airport's electricity supply last week, pointing out that the causes of the instability of the electricity supply are due to reasons concerning the airport internal network.
Our engineers and technical teams have been working to fix technical fault, they said, adding that the electricity supply would be restored at earliest as possible.
According to MEPCO spokesperson Jamshed Niazi, about 200 feeders were affected due to heavy duststorm last night while the feeders were made functional early morning and electricity supply has been restored to various places after replacing the broken electric poles and transformers affected with duststorm last evening.
Whenever one country has surplus electricity supply they can sell it to another country in need thereof.
Earlier, State Minister for Water and Power ordered IESCO to disconnect electricity supply to 18 government institutions including the Presidency, Parliament Lodges and the residence of Chief Justice of Pakistan.
The measure applies only to residential electricity supply from December 18 to January 8, but does not cover instances where power has been cut off due to electricity theft, or instances of personal bankruptcy where the normal procedure will be followed.
CHICAGO, March 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ComEd today filed with the Illinois Commerce Commission its annual update of electricity supply charges, the primary component of the "Price to Compare," which will take effect in June 2013.
The Daily Star has tracked electricity supply in major cities in an effort to monitor improvement in supply hours.
To ensure the successful extension of the port, Namport this week reached an agreement with the regional electricity distributor, Erongo RED, to increase bulk electricity supply to 18 megaWatt.
ISLAMABAD, July 20 -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) Headquarters (HQ) faced a power breakdown on Monday, as an electricity transformer installed at the HQ caught fire at 12:30 pm and the electricity supply could not be restored till evening.
8 million euros to fund projects aiming to enhance the financial sector and develop road network and electricity supply.
The acting Director General of the National Electricity Corporation Musa'ed Abdullah Muhammad told SUNA that the blackout was caused by continued loss of electricity supply, which forced them to disconnect Merowe dam electricity supply grid from the national grid.
SIR - As an independent professional consulting electrical engineer with 27 years' experience in the electricity supply industry, I fully concur with Mr Lyn Jenkins' letter (September 30) regarding the stupidity of wind power and the almost unbelievable attitude of some of our Assembly Members toward electricity supplies in Wales.
ENERGY RESOURCE-14 September 2007-Statkraft, SCA Sign Long-Term Electricity Supply Contract(C)2007 JeraOne - http://www.
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