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Synonyms for pylon

a tower for guiding pilots or marking the turning point in a race

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a large vertical steel tower supporting high-tension power lines


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Add a chain of electricity pylons marching across the rural scene, and visual intrusion is carried to a new level.
THREE Bahrainis were yesterday jailed for 10 years each for setting fire to an electricity pylon in Sitra.
A POWER cut was caused by an electricity pylon that set on fire.
Police investigating the death of a 15-year-old who fell from a 100ft electricity pylon have warned youngsters to stay away from high voltage cables.
THE CAUSE of a flaming electricity pylon which cut off power to more than 1,000 homes has been blamed on vandals shooting at it.
BAHAWALPUR -- A man suffered burn injuries here in Zahirpir area after he received electric shock from electricity pylon which fell down due to dust storm.
West Midlands Fire Service asked for an electricity pylon to be switched off for safety reasons and had said this could leave 40,000 homes without electricity overnight.
On 20 June, an electricity pylon in Fayoum was targeted, damaging the pylon and part of the Fayoum Stadium's wall.
A Nuneaton was partially closed after sparks were seen flying from an electricity pylon.
The new electricity pylon designs mark a departure from the traditional lattice structures that currently dot the British countryside.
A BIRD has set up home in a nest 30ft up a 400,000 volt electricity pylon.
A MAN died after the BMW he was driving hit an electricity pylon.
WITNESSES will be called to testify in the trial of three Bahrainis who allegedly torched an electricity pylon in Sitra.
A TEENAGE boy died when he fell from an electricity pylon in Rotherham.
A woman yesterday survived falling from an electricity pylon, the ambulance service said.
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