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A NEW electricity power station is to be built at a cost of e250million, it was announced yesterday.
An electricity power station will be set up at the Dammam port at cost of SR 192.
SIR - The Western Mail (June 11) announced the proposed pounds 800m gas-fired electricity power station at Wrexham will be able to provide electricity for all the total 1.
SUNA has observed dimension of the great damage which was caused by the aggressors of the People's Army of South Sudan State who destroyed the Central Processing Station, the oil pipelines, the electricity power station, the buildings, establishments, the housing complex and the raw oil reservoirs.
Patsalis said that electricity units 4 and 5 of the plant, Cyprus' largest electricity power station, will be fully functional before next summer, noting that this is very important, due to the fact that Cyprus will assume the Presidency of the Council of the EU on the 1st of July, 2012.
The plant is expected to be operational by the beginning of 2012, and will be located next to the current Iru electricity power station, reports news agency LETA.
It was a small vessel used for shipping coal from Barry to the electricity power station in Cornwall.
The minister later visited the crude oil treatment area and East Bahariya electricity power station, with a capacity of 16 MW and investments of $49m.
The Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC) announced that it will raise its cash injection in the Kabompo Hydro Electricity Power Station from the initial investment of US$ 160 million to $190 million.
Sir - In your paper you reported the building of a "clean" bio-mass electricity power station.
Electric Wharf, in Sandy Lane, Radford, was formerly an East Midlands Electricity Power Station, but has now been transformed into an impressive complex of office suites and loft apartments at a cost of pounds 12 million.
The fire might have gone towards the electricity power station but the wind was blowing in a harmless direction west to east.
Abdul Aziz Al-Tuwaijri, president of the authority said, An electricity power station will be set up at the Dammam port at cost of SR 192.
Their home in a former Turbine Hall, part of the old East Midlands Electricity power station on the edge of Coventry Canal, is just the first phase of a pounds 15 million refurbishment project.
These findings echo the positive results of a RSPB survey in which people were asked to choose the type of electricity power station that should be built over the next 10 years.
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