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Synonyms for electromagnetism

magnetism produced by an electric current

the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena

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It assumes only that students have taken multivariate calculus, some intermediate Newtonian mechanics beyond a standard treatment of mechanics, and electricity and magnetism at the introductory level.
Intended for high school physics teachers who want to challenge their students with hands-on homework assignments, this guide offers 65 simple labs that illustrate such concepts as motion and kinematics, sound and light, forces and energy, electricity and magnetism.
In this accessible and engaging book, the author provides an overview of what physicists have established through centuries of theorizing and experimenting, Topics include the discovery of the connection between electricity and magnetism, Einstein's theory of special relativity, and the paradigm-shifting development of quantum physics.
The first two titles in the series feature the intriguing subjects of Electricity and Magnetism, and both kits have just been awarded the prestigious National Parenting Seal of Approval Award for 2003.
0], the permeability of free space: one of the fundamental constants in Electricity and Magnetism.
Part 6 Electricity and Magnetism, Phys equipment practices - measuring technology.
His topics include matter and heat, electricity and magnetism, digital electronics and computer logic, the quantum physics of atoms and materials, semiconductor physics, light detectors and light-emitting diodes, fiber-optics communications, and communication networks and the Internet.
The great Scottish physicist and mathematician James Clerk Maxwell wrote a book in 1873 called Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism, which gave the solution to one of the great puzzles of our time.
Parker also relates how the principles of electricity and magnetism are used in the ignition system and how braking relies on friction.
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