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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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It appears always in association with mass to form positive or negative electrically charged particles with different masses.
THE theory behind lightning is that when particles cloud they electrically charged.
One of the cell's electrodes worked like an electrically charged wand.
I won't bother to elaborate on R & Sie's Dusty Relief, the fur-like cladding which apparently results from enmeshing your building in ambient pollutant-attracting electrically charged wires (try the site http://www.
It involved a rigorous assault course with a variety of climbing, running and crawling challenges made worse by freezing cold water, steep hills, deep mud and electrically charged poles
The boys' enthusiastic performance kept an electrically charged crowd on its feet throughout the two-and-a-quarter hour show at the packed arena.
One idea is for a nuclear-powered engine that magnetically accelerates plasma-gas with molecules which are electrically charged.
The die is then electrically charged, and a proprietary graphite mix is introduced prior to injection of the molten metal.
Their voices mixed well together and even with just two guitars and a drum machine, they held the thrilled audience captive with an electrically charged performance.
It was like he had been electrically charged and he was passing on some of that current to his mounts," was the way Michael Hourigan, his trainer and mentor, had for explaining Adrian's success.
Plasma-aided manufacturing uses electrically charged particles to alter the surface of materials, giving them unique or superior properties.
Using patented Ion Trap Mobility Spectrometer technology, a sample is heated in the desorber to create vapors that are drawn into the detector and electrically charged by a patented ionization process.
In Hoenig's system, air with a substantial water content is passed through electrically charged needles so the water molecules come out with a charge.
Heat from a finger is enough to reveal an electrically charged particle on the 19p stamp, which celebrates the chemistry prize.
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