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and Marathon Capital, LLC to acquire the electrical power station that is supplied by the North Yorkshire natural gas fields in the United Kingdom and the balance of the interests in the gas fields.
a, and 40% by Adco Power, a private company that specializes in electrical power station construction binpull.
Suvarna Bhumi Persada ("SBP") have executed a "Term Sheet of EPC Contract" ("Term Sheet") and an "Agreement for Engineering Services" ("Agreement") with Lentjes Energietechnik GmbH ("Lentjes") of Germany for the construction of the 2*55 MegaWatt coal-fired electrical power station (the "Station") at Pomalaa, South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
Emperor will now install the headframe, hoist, pumps and electrical power station at the New Brunswick Shaft.
NPP are less tied to changes of oil prices compared to traditional electrical power stations, where cost of fuel in the structure of expenditures is 60%.
Baquba, Diyala (NINA) --Six international Companies have submitted bids for establishing new generating electrical power stations in Diyala Province to reduce the shortage in power in the Province.
Developing the northern gas fields will be a boon to Kuwait, which has had difficulty in satisfying demand for feedstock to supply local industries, to fuel electrical power stations, a growing petrochemical industry, and desalination plants.
Later large electrical power stations using oil shale were launched--Baltic Thermal Power Station in 1966 and Estonian Thermal Power Station in 1973.
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