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As one who has been in the electrical power industry for a number of years, I find the industry, in particular the nuclear segment, too restrictive in its outlook.
There will be implications for the electrical power industry as well, as greener energy sources such as natural gas and wind power supplant coal as preferred fuels.
More importantly, this version of ETAP provides innovative tools like Load Analyzer and Arc Flash Analyzer, as well as a powerful set of applications including Switching Management that caters to today's electrical power industry needs.
Alstom Grid unveils its latest innovations at CIGRE 2014, the biennial worldwide forum of the electrical power industry, held in Paris, France.
In 2008, the total investment amounts in the infrastructure construction of Chinese electrical power industry were YOY increased by 1.
We wanted our new brand and site to demonstrate our understanding of the value of the electrical power industry.
Requiring further combined heat and power research is important not only to the industry that will benefit from its productivity improvements, but also to the electrical power industry that will face competition in an open marketplace.
The project was executed in cooperation with Sakhalin Energy Company OJSC under the Far East and Trans-Baikal Economic and Social Development for the Period until 2013 Federal Target Program and Electrical Power Industry Development for the Period until 2010 and Long-Term Development until 2020 Regional Target Program.
Throughout his career, Branton has focused on providing responsive and quality services to the electrical power industry by implementing exceptional project management skills.
Optical fiber current sensor technology is gaining ground in the electrical power industry, where it is used in metering, control and protection applications.
As a reliable partner of the electrical power industry, ZTE provides complete smart grid solutions, said Wang Yiwen, CTO of ZTE Government and Enterprise Network in the Middle East and Africa.
MemoryLifter was developed by Rainer Aberer, the founder and owner of OMICRON electronics Corp, an international company serving the electrical power industry with innovative testing and diagnostic solutions.
This new report will pinpoint and quantify the opportunities for nano-engineered solutions in the electrical power industry worldwide.
Gary Swindon, RiskWatch Director, said, "This software will be a tool for the electrical power industry to use to evaluate their IT infrastructure security profile in an accurate, traceable and systematic way.
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