electric potential

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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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Damage to the high-resistance structures leads to short-circuiting of the electrical potential differences and production of extracellular current.
Its damaging characteristics are primarily due to the immense electrical potential differences and currents that are generated.
The body has weak electrical potential differences and is sensitive to weak electric fields around pipes, wiring, and even wooden studs.
In the case of the frog's leg nerve, or the squid axon, or neurons, the electrical phenomena associated with their actions originate from electrical potential differences established across phospholipid membranes, as stated above.
Such electrical potential differences between interplanetary bodies has not been ascertained nor confirmed, but a sizeable comet traveling through the solar wind might well pick up a huge electrostatic charge and zap any nearby body it passed, most probably around a magnetic pole.
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