electric locomotive

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a locomotive that is powered by an electric motor

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B), in consortium with Alstom Transport, received from SNCB (Belgian National Railways) an order for the production of 70 additional double-deck passenger cars and the adaptation of 19 type T27 electrical locomotives to enable push-pull operation.
For Use In Traction Motors Of Bg Diesel Electrical Locomotives Alco Make Conforming To Rdso Specn.
The Rubber Hose With Id 6Mm And Od 12Mm And With One End 1/4 Bsp Female Swivel Spherical Seating Fitments And The Other End With Banjo Wiper Servo Motor Connector Suitable For Bg Electrical Locomotives.
It manufactures electrical locomotives, freight bogies, signaling equipment and converters.
Contract notice: Delivery of 288 pieces rough bandages size 1255h1090h143mm of rolled non-alloy steel and internal marking for electric locomotives series 40, 46 and 46 200 352 number bandages rough dimensions of 1055h890h138mm rolled non-alloy steel and external marking of electrical locomotives / esa / 32 series and 33 and 32 the number of rough bandages 1060h885h143mm sizes of rolled non-alloy steel and external marking of diesel locomotives series 51, for the "railways - passenger services" and "bdz - freight[beaucoup plus grand que] ltd.
Tenders are invited for Low Maintenance Lead Acid Batteries 75 Ah Capacity For Electrical Locomotives To Rdsos Specn No.
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