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a material such as glass or porcelain with negligible electrical or thermal conductivity

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Akaelu (2000) gave a comprehensive report about the production of electrical insulators by Inter Linked Technologies PLC, Ogba Lagos.
Washington, March 8 (ANI): A research team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has found a way to transform the most widely used polymer, polyethylene, into a material that conducts heat just as well as most metals, yet remains an electrical insulator.
It is also usable for other applications where a soft nonabrasive electrical insulator is required.
The element acts as a thermal barrier and electrical insulator.
The show was hosted by David Lussey, inventor of Quantum Tunnelling Composite (QTC), an electrical insulator which looks like rubber and can be turned into a conductor by applying even the slightest pressure.
The hardened resin is also an electrical insulator.
The aqueous liquid exhibits thermal stability up to 1500-deg F, and is a good electrical insulator.
This lower viscosity system is a capable electrical insulator with a volume resistivity exceeding 10 14 ohm-cm and a dielectric constant of 3.
With a dielectric strength of 400 volts/mil, EP21AR is said to be a durable and stable epoxy that is also a superb electrical insulator.
It is reported to be an excellent electrical insulator with a dielectric strength of >400 volts/rail and a non-critical 1/1-mix ratio by weight or volume.
It is also an excellent electrical insulator, and succeeded in solving Vicor's two main problems.
This means that the flux field of the coil will ignore the refractory as long as it remains an electrical insulator.
UltraCMOS technology utilizes a synthetic sapphire substrate, a near-perfect electrical insulator, providing low parasitic capacitance and enabling high signal isolation and excellent broadband linearity.
The failed transformer held approximately 24,000 gallons of dielectric fluid, which acts as an electrical insulator and coolant inside transformers when they are operational.
The cured epoxy is said to be a superior electrical insulator.
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