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By placing sensor pads on the patient's chest, the machine (which is a computerized device) can analyze what electrical impulses are going on in the heart.
Prabhakaran said that FES is a passive technique in that the electrical impulses move the patients' extremities for them.
This is the first published research about a genetic regulator that coordinates the timing of the electrical impulses that make the heart beat properly.
Guang Yue, an exercise physiologist at the Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Ohio, told New Scientist magazine in an article to be published this month that muscles move in response to impulses from nearby motor neurons and that the firing of those neurons in turn depends on the strength of electrical impulses sent by the brain.
The Evening Telegraph is working with West Midlands and Warwickshire ambulance services to promote the placing of defibrillators, which jump- start the heart using electrical impulses, among communities and in public areas and workplaces.
Tiny hair cells send electrical impulses up the hearing nerve to the brain.
Implantable neurological stimulation systems control pain by delivering tiny electrical impulses through insulated lead wires to electrodes implanted near the spinal cord.
Some researchers think that when these electrical impulses are disrupted, the contractions of the intestinal muscles become disorganized.
It's these cells that convert the mechanical energy of sound into electrical impulses that are sent to the brain so that a chicken, a mouse or a human can hear.
The heart's pacemaker, the sinoatrial node, regulates the timing of the phases by sending electrical impulses to the atria and ventricles.
Washington, May 8 ( ANI ): A device that sends continuous electrical impulses to specific "memory" regions of the brain appears to increase neuronal activity in people with suspected mild Alzheimer's disease (AD), suggest a new study.
The same muscle damage can also interfere with the conduction of electrical impulses through the heart, thereby increasing the chance that a subsequent life-threatening arrhythmia will occur.
The $27,000 cochlear implant converts sound waves into electrical impulses within the toddler's brain using a speech processor and transmitter affixed to his outer ear and electrodes planted inside the snail-like cochlea, in his inner ear.
When you decide to pick up the can, your brain sends a command in the form of electrical impulses down your spinal cord.
Leads are insulated wires that carry precisely timed electrical impulses from the pacemaker in the patient's chest to a specific point on the inner heart wall.
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