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an intensely energetic, enthusiastic person

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generator consisting of a coil (the armature) that rotates between the poles of an electromagnet (the field magnet) causing a current to flow in the armature

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The electrical generator contains a rotating shaft set upon nine metal bearings.
However, the near term focus remains electrical generator applications.
Contract awarded for acquire 01 01 electrical generator automatic transfer board for use in units of this service.
The plant will produce electricity using a Westinghouse 501D5 combustion turbine driving an electrical generator.
Contract awarded for Contract required amplification system, lighting and electrical generator for carrying out the larch milenario xiv festival in the borough of the union.
The cost of relocating the electrical generator was projected at $5 million, and that projection is now up to $8.
2 million award made to the RPI/Martin Marietta team within the last month from the Department of Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to develop a "Dual Use" (military and commercial) lightweight electrical generator set using the same engine.
electrical generator to be furnished in accordance with pre-negotiated, guaranteed price
The engine and other upgrades such as a new emergency start system and electrical generator systems give the aircraft an increased service life expected to extend to the year 2020 or beyond.
is working with Ashman Technologies to develop and manufacture an advanced electrical generator, alternator and electrical storage system utilizing proven Aerospace and Defense Industry technologies.
Specifically, with protection, we can move ahead at a quicker rate relative to producing a standby electrical generator.
The combined system works by running the source water through a separate Nova reaction chamber, powered by a small independent Nova electrical generator.
For the supply and installation of a back-pressure steam turbine and induction electrical generator.
alternative power source: ups works with an electrical generator.
Westerbeke's marine products consist of diesel and gasoline engine-driven electrical generator sets, inboard propulsion engines, self-contained, reverse-cycle air-conditioners, and associated spare parts and accessories.
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