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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Researchers also discovered that Procellera technology increased keratinocyte mitochondrial membrane potential, essentially "energizing" the mitochondria through its electrical fields to improve its cell motility capacity, due to its ability to "communicate" with keratinocytes via redox-dependent processes improving keratinocyte migration.
In his new position, Gago will be responsible for developing international sales of the NanoKnife, a surgical technique using electrical fields based on IRE technology.
From the physical idea of mass, from the idea of the resultant vector (EV) as electric flux [not member of] and from the ideas relating to the magnetic monopole (MMP) it follows that the gravitational field is an electrical field.
20 suggest keeping items with an electrical field greater than 2000V at 1" just 12" away from ESD-susceptible parts?
The international, multi-center trial will compare the best standard treatments -- surgical removal of the tumor, radiotherapy or chemotherapy -- to that treatment combined with a new, noninvasive therapy that provides alternating electrical fields directly to the surface of the head.
SIR - After reading of cases of people living near wind farms becoming ill for unknown reasons, I found it interesting to read of the official reports of so-called 'electronic smog', which state that wiring creates electrical fields, one component of the smog.
High electrical fields from various sources (light dimmers, electric heaters, electric transformers) appear to create overlapping stress zones, which can be detected by dowsing.
Unlike other systems that recognize touch by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves, or infrared light, DST recognizes touch through vibrations made to the substrate.
The electrical fields generated by computers and other electrical and electronic equipment, and the electrical fields generated by power lines in the walls, also distort the ever-present background field.
Both skates and rays are sensitive to electrical fields generated by power cables.
Robert Ashley (an electrical engineer experienced in both the academic and industrial sectors) says more work is needed to measure people's exposure to electrical fields.
Sharks depend on their sense of smell to locate prey, then their vision and ability to sense electrical fields generated by living things to attack and eat it.
The software is helping to predict the interaction of multiple magnets while simultaneously modeling the space charge of the ions, the trajectory of the ion beams, and the electrical fields within the implanter.
WORKERS exposed to electrical fields the same as those emitted by mobile phones have a suicide rate almost FOUR TIMES higher than normal.