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a flow of electricity through a conductor

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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- A team of scientists made a significant advance in using nano-devices to create accurate electrical currents.
You measure the electrical current, and you know what's going on.
Optimal paint thickness is usually achieved on vehicle body outer surfaces because the electrical current flows more easily to exteriors than to internal areas.
These vehicles will be serviced to prevent high electrical current flow through the ignition switch that may cause a fire in the steering column,'' GM said in a statement.
Under California's Rotating Outage Program, utility companies will be ordered to reduce the electrical current when operating reserves of electricity fall below 1.
The other is that in two parallel lines close to each other, the electrical current often travels in opposite directions.
But they got it wrong, defining an electrical current rather than simply stating that electrical currents create magnetic fields.
Protect your laptop against erratic electrical current and telephone line surges and spikes anywhere in the world.
Ivivi's research and development activities are focused specifically on pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF, technology, which, by creating a therapeutic electrical current in injured soft tissue, stimulates biochemical and physiological healing processes to help repair the injured tissue and reduce related pain and inflammation.
This generates electrical current that can then be used to charge a battery.
While the electrical current transmitted is not enough to be noticeable, it is enough to tell the system who the operator is so it can make adjustments accordingly.
Scientists have shown that passing a small electrical current through tissue scaffolding can stimulate cell proliferation and encourage connections between cartilage and bone tissue in, say, knee joints.
Called a "double-gate" transistor, the device can carry twice the electrical current, operate at up to twice the speed and be reduced in size well below today's conventional transistors.
The steam forces turbine blades to spin, and electrical current powers our homes.
GFCIs are special electrical outlets that are designed to prevent electrocution when your body may come into contact with water and the electrical current running from the outlet (or an object such as a metal pipe able to conduct electrical current).
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