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contact that allows current to pass from one conductor to another

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Traditionally, glass-reinforced epoxy (thermoset) was used in the KTK electrical connector market.
Through Hydro Group's Norwegian partner based in Oslo, G-Tech Components AS, demand for the firm's heavy duty electrical connectors has increased.
Individual applications can specify the materials of construction, the process connector, the electrical connector, output format, pressure range, housing design and size, as well as other critical operating parameters.
It may be used to test multiport circuits having a variety of transmission line feed and launch types and electrical connector types.
Please put the word out that a loose or incorrectly mounted E1 grounding wire inside the electrical connector assembly, NSN 5935-01-360-2630, of the MT-6352/VRC can burn out the EMI filter or the wiring.
Reconnect the electrical connector and you're back in business.
Given these advancements, the KE2014-KE2018 Series is said to be ideal for automotive gaskets, electrical connector seals, wire seals, headlamp o-rings and grommets.
The standards include Pneumatic fluid power--Five-port directional control valves--Part 1: Mounting interface surfaces without electrical connector (third edition), Pneumatic fluid power--Five-port directional control valves--Part 2: Mounting interface surface with optional electrical connector (second edition), Fluid power systems and components--Cylinders--identification code for mounting dimensions and mounting types (third edition), Hydraulic fluid power--Determination of fluid-borne noise characteristics of components and systems--Part 1: Introduction and Hydraulic fluid power--Pressure relief valves--Method of testing and presenting basic performance data.
The size is much smaller than the 10-32 electrical connector that terminates the end of integral coaxial cable used to conduct power and signal.
To learn more about the Bal Conn electrical connector for medical applications, call 800.
Unwired's products strengthen our overall electrical architecture and electrical connector offerings, which is supporting increased electronics content per vehicle.
The automaker is recalling the vehicles because of a problem with an electrical connector in the anti-lock brakes module.
If you haven't already, go ahead and inspect your truck to ensure the IV receptacle connector and its electrical connector cover are properly positioned and installed.
by Deutsch Industrial Products Division, the new DTP series power connector offers designers the option of using 12 AWG wire (up to 25 amps per line) in a sealed two- or four-cavity electrical connector.
Our power mirror repair required the removal of the door trim panel to access the mirror's electrical connector.
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