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the quantity of unbalanced electricity in a body (either positive or negative) and construed as an excess or deficiency of electrons

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Beyond the immediate relevance to K-Ras in cancer, it is a completely new way that cells can use electrical charge to control a multitude of signaling pathways, which may be particularly relevant to the nervous system.
Well, there is some truth here, but the important omission concerns the fact that the electrical charge (the water attractant) within the cartilage of the joint attaches to both glucosamine and galactosamine.
The latter includes changes in the normal ebb and flow of the electrical charge around cell membranes, a phenomenon known as depolarization and repolarization.
Most chemical additives today have some type of electrical charge impact on the wet end, either through their direct charge or by the way they influence other charges.
While Colorado's Naropa University is not on the Circuit, it has just the kind of electrical charge needed (it worked for Allen Ginsberg).
Birkeland developed a cannon that could be fired using an electrical charge, and he experimented with the extraction of saltpeter from the air and with hydroelectricity.
And as a finishing touch she had wired pads fixed to her face which delivered an electrical charge.
The light from your scene actually changes the electrical charge in each silver halide crystal, making an invisible image, or latent image, that is sensitive to film developer (a chemical used to develop film).
An airplane, for instance, could be sprayed with nanoparticles and then given an electrical charge that would change its color.
Where this endlessly implied but blankly absent speech connects, even metaphorically, with the storage of electrical charge evoked by the title remains amusingly obscure.
According to Boyle, Michelangelo's God neither injects a divine spark into Adam, nor does he animate him to life with some kind of electrical charge.
Lightning is just a big electrical charge that forms in clouds.
Capacitance gauges measure the ability of a plastic to hold an electrical charge and convert that number into thickness.
Their studies showed that the liver has an electrical charge associated with it that changes when it's removed from the body.
Ford asked dealers to take this action to prevent the possibility that the shield may develop a static electrical charge during fueling of the vehicle.