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Products include Marathon[R] corrosion-resistant mounted bearing units (composite, HDi heavy-duty cast iron, and XDs extreme-duty stainless steel types in a variety of housing designs), which are maintenance-free and feature a dual-sealing system to promote service life and inhibit contamination even in harsh food-processing conditions; PumPac[R] angular contact ball bearings in an assortment of types arranged to reduce operating temperatures and vibration levels for smoother operation and longer service life in difficult centrifugal pump conditions; and Hybrid Ceramic ball bearings, whose inherent insulation offers added protection from damage caused by electrical arcing in large electric motors.
Among three reports of water leaking from the under-sink tank and leading to electrical arcing, one resulted in a kitchen fire.
Sometimes wires just wear out and electrical arcing becomes a concern.
The AD also requires an inspection of damage due to chafing or electrical arcing, or damaged door actuation cables; and corrective actions if necessary.
This snap action switch breaks the load in two places to minimize electrical arcing that causes switch contacts to deteriorate.
The fuel was probably ignited by electrical arcing or hot surfaces near one of the plane's four engines, the report said.
Hartford Steam Boiler will cover a service line break, tear, rupture or collapse caused by ordinary use, freezing, root invasion, electrical arcing, or accidents such as a contractor digging.
An AFCI is designed to detect a wide range of dangerous electrical arcing faults.
1 and 3) on-line, the pilot saw electrical arcing in the KAPTON wiring bundle near his left leg.
Canadian investigators believe the light may have been the ignition point because inspections of a dozen other MD-11 aircraft in 1999 revealed signs of damage and one case of electrical arcing - which can produce enough heat to ignite the insulation material used in jet aircraft.
They are not caused by major events like lightning but by loose connections, moisture, dirt and overloads that lead to electrical arcing.
Through research and testing, the Arc Flash Collaborative Research Project will provide more detailed information on all aspects of electrical arcing phenomena," said Bob Yanniello, director, Engineering, Eaton's Electrical Sector, and Eaton's representative on the study's Technical Advisory Committee.
According to Wood, automatic transfer switches (ATS) were inexpensive, but suffered from longer transfer times of 8 to 16ms, and often failed as a result of electrical arcing that welded contacts together.
Certain sounds are unmistakable and inspire an immediate physiological response: the sound of a compressor stall, a stuck-flap actuator, or the zap of electrical arcing.
Routine checks conducted after these incidents found evidence of electrical arcing in many cases - Shaw's figures indicate that 80% of the 1999 incidents that were categorised were related to aircraft electrical systems and components.
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