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the difference in electrical charge between two points in a circuit expressed in volts

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First, human or animal skin possesses endogenous electrical potentials such that the external skin surface is always electronegative with respect to inner skin layers [13-14].
Even if the zinc epoxy primer with higher zinc content is compared to the zinc ethyl silicate the electrical potential of the zinc epoxy is higher.
Because each step along the way we added electrical potential.
The experimental setup for studying the effects of solution concentration and applied electrical potential on morphological appearance of the as-spun copolymer fibers is as follows.
If, on the other hand, one is interested in the electrical potential near to the surfaces of fibers, it is recommended to use a method called "fiber-pad streaming potential" (SP).
AEDI devices remove ionizable constituents from water using ion exchange membranes, ion exchange resins and a DC electrical potential.
Switch the electrical potential of that field and the surface reverts to its initial affinity for water.
Bonding assures that all unrelated conductive objects on the building are at the same electrical potential by connecting them to the same ground.
While large dams provide 19 percent of the world's electricity, the WCD claims one fifth of dams generate less than 75 percent of their electrical potential.
In the leaf, these pigments ferry light energy, in the form of electrons, around the chloroplast, creating an electrical potential that can be measured.
In the case of the frog's leg nerve, or the squid axon, or neurons, the electrical phenomena associated with their actions originate from electrical potential differences established across phospholipid membranes, as stated above.
The method measures changes in electrical potential on the skin surface associated with breast cancer.
By measuring the electrical potential between the tip and the reference material, the oxygen content of the medium can be estimated closely.
PVEL created the PID Certification program because it is now known that the electrical potential between the frame and cells of a PV module can cause accelerated performance degradation.
In addition, the final bond has direction due to the asymmetric distribution of electrical potential around fluorine atoms," he added.
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