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a movable chair mounted on large wheels

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She said: "I need an electric wheelchair which is able to get up kerbs, that is comfortable and able to far enough so I can partake in life like everyone else.
Apart from several advantages, the global electric wheelchair market is also facing some challenges such as the high cost of electric wheelchairs and lack of awareness and infrastructure.
Last week he sent a series of tweets in which he expressed his desperation and his appeal for a sponsor for an electric wheelchair.
His messages on Twitter now chronicle the despondence and anguish of a once super-fit champion, awarded an MBE for his achievements, who cannot afford the electric wheelchair he needs to regain his independence.
Choices Merseyside sport development officer Steve Sullivan said: "There is very little sport available for children who use an electric wheelchair and it's great that we were able to organise this event.
Right, Karl has his legs waxed in a fund-raising bid to buy a new electric wheelchair for Joshua
A 91-year-old pensioner has been hit and killed by a nursing home resident travelling in an electric wheelchair at just 4mph.
Summary: A severely disabled woman has died after falling from a harbour wall while strapped into her electric wheelchair.
For five years, I was Pastoral Assistant at All Saints and during that time when meeting people to arrange baptisms, weddings, funerals or other important events I had to ask if any relatives or friends likely to be attending needed to use an electric wheelchair.
Q I'M confined to an electric wheelchair and have difficulty reaching cupboards without the aid of a carer.
A pensioner has been taken to hospital after reversing his electric wheelchair over the edge of a railway platform.
Trains were halted as emergency services recovered the man and his electric wheelchair.
I WOULD like to thank all the people who came to the aid of my husband when his electric wheelchair overbalanced near the junction of Kenton Road and Kenton Lane in Newcastle on the afternoon of Tuesday, November 6.
Rinka helps Tyler - who has spinal muscular atrophy and uses an electric wheelchair - with everything from picking objects up off the floor to opening and closing doors.