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a movable chair mounted on large wheels

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Pearl's partner Harry Seagar has set up a crowdfunding page to try and raise the PS1,000 needed to buy Pearl an electric wheelchair.
So I need an electric wheelchair so that I can regain my independence and my life.
The Global Electric wheelchair market is segmented on the basis of product type and region.
I have felt trapped for quite a while and I need an electric wheelchair.
Straight to the point - anyone want to buy me or sponsor me an electric wheelchair so I can get out of house easier.
The first day I brought my electric wheelchair home from the therapy center, my mother watched as I spun around our driveway, exploring the freedom of my chair outside of the therapy center's clinical setting.
By selecting the PSC-360, the Enhanced JoyBar's entire system became fully compatible with many of the existing digital motor controllers already in use on current wheelchair designs, making integration much easier for electric wheelchair dealers and manufacturers.
The 175-watt motor is available with a wide range of shaft styles and sizes, ensuring easy installation for almost any design of electric wheelchair and home mobility scooter.
Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (EWHA) and Canadian Electric Wheelchair Hockey Association (CEWHA).
Q I'M confined to an electric wheelchair and have difficulty reaching cupboards without the aid of a carer.
Trains were halted as emergency services recovered the man and his electric wheelchair.
A PENSIONER made a dash to get home after his electric wheelchair caught fire.
Rinka helps Tyler - who has spinal muscular atrophy and uses an electric wheelchair - with everything from picking objects up off the floor to opening and closing doors.
Until four years ago, Sheila got someone to wheel her up over the two steps but now she has an electric wheelchair it is too heavy.
For about a year he has used an electric wheelchair to get around.