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a locomotive that is powered by an electric motor

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We're committed to continuing our work with our partners to campaign for more trains, better trains and electric trains for our customers.
A Northern Rail spokeswoman said: "It makes business sense not to bring the electric trains into service all at the same time.
Suddenly there are three electric trains an hour over half the route to Swansea.
Dubreuil's peacock of an electric train earns several laughs while Grace's Pearl brings a sexy perkiness to the love song ``He'll Whistle at Me.
Network Rail has admitted the long-awaited launch of electric train services between Lime Street and Manchester Victoria and Manchester Airport will now be postponed until next year, possibly as late as February.
The electric train was travelling from Airdrie to Helensburgh and the Sprinter was running on the West Highland line between Helensburgh and Glasgow.
Contract award: mt-11-6 electric train ej575 spare parts purchases.
The long-awaited launch of electric train services between Lime Street and Manchester Victoria and Manchester Airport has been hit by a number of setbacks.
Highlights include seeing miniature planes at the Large Model Aircraft show and miniature trains at The Great Electric Train show, plus during half-term week there will be LEGO technics drop in activities, a children's digital photography workshop, Halloween family crafts and miniature steam engine rides.
Electrification will accelerate services between Liverpool and Manchester, and Warrington and Wigan, from the present top speed of 75mph up to 90mph and the fourcoach electric train units will double the capacity of the current two-coach diesel units.
Virgin Trains had presented the organising team with two model Pendolino electric train sets to be raffled.
They used to have a large hairdressing salon in the basement, and on the boys' and men's department there was a large electric train layout that you could play with.
The electric train was playing a key role in the lives of Tyneside businesswomen in 1929, according to a national newspaper of the time.
I likewise missed the first electric train from Hooton to Rock Ferry but my friend Tom Hooton remembered and proudly introduced himself to an amused station master.