electroconvulsive therapy

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the administration of a strong electric current that passes through the brain to induce convulsions and coma

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If electric shock therapy is no longer regularly practiced, coercion to disrupt the individual's desires and attractions is certainly alive and well.
We defy anyone to view the series of events we have described and tell us that the officials and that FIBA secretary general did not deserve to be sent to Sing Sing for 5,000 hours of community service (with a little bit of electric shock therapy thrown in for good measure).
He underwent electric shock therapy to try and beat depression but when he asked to take early retirement on sickness grounds the bank refused to update his pension to full entitlement.
A space station-like structure in the middle of a room covered with funereal photographic enameled plaques emitted electronic sound; on the floor a film of a patient undergoing electric shock therapy was projected.
Furthermore, in the 1950s a common method of trying "to cure" gays in mental institutions was through electric shock therapy.
When an arrhythmia is detected, the device automatically delivers appropriate electric shock therapy.
If you don't feel like Lara Croft by the third drop, then you need to sign up for a course of electric shock therapy.
However, due to a lack of regulation, some even resort to bizarre measures such as electric shock therapy, said Lu Yulin, a professor at the China Youth University of Political Science.
Defibrillators provide electric shock therapy to restart the heart.
However, the plan backfires when TV celebrity Happy Chapman (Tobolowsky) poses as Odie's owner then uses electric shock therapy to zap the dog into submission.
But a TV celebrity, posing as Odie's owner, uses electric shock therapy to beat Odie into submission, ( a scene which might upset young viewers or animal lovers.
Finally the princess received electric shock therapy to try to keep her heart beating.
In an attempt to beat depression and return to work, Mr North even underwent electric shock therapy.
Over the years, everything from low-tech custom pajamas to high-tech treatment such as electric shock therapy have been used to combat snoring.
This quiet existence clearly agrees with Caroline, who has had spent two spells in The Priory and even underwent electric shock therapy in 2005.