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They cut his head with an electric screwdriver before he managed to break free and escape through his living room window.
And while he was at it, he voiced his contempt for my electric screwdriver, dismissing it as a toy.
There was an electric screwdriver type thing that pushed my cuticles back, then what looked like a small pair of pliers was used to cut away any unwanted skin, then some sandpaper stuff on a board squared the ends and an electric whirling thing polished the nails to finish the job.
First, use an electric screwdriver to attach 4 straight top plates to the underside of the tabletop.
Hanging Christmas lights and assembling toys just got easier, thanks to this nifty little electric screwdriver that weighs less than a pound.
After several more frantic phone calls asking if we'd bring CDs, an electric screwdriver, and 'some of those long stick things you use on the barbecue', we finally set off.
He is a very able handyman, he is always doing odd jobs about the house with a power drill or electric screwdriver.
An older child under an adult's supervision can use an electric screwdriver to do the job more effectively.
The IXO Vino is an electric screwdriver with a corkscrew attachment, so you can impress your party guests by opening bottles of wine with it.
They are: High End Fishing Set; 24V Bachmayr electric drill; 1800W Wagner heat gun, Bosch electric screwdriver, 12V Festool electric drill; Makita BHP451 electric drill which has "ALLY" written on it; Hitachi 24V electric drill with charger and a Bosch PH01 Planer.
The tools included a Dewalt drill set, a 110-piece socket set, a big tile cutter and assorted Makita power tools, including a circular saw, two combi-drills, an electric screwdriver, an SDS drill, an angle grinder and a router.
I bit my tongue while his face began to turn red and he cursed the lack of an electric screwdriver.
You'll need a good set of basic tools including a power saw, electric screwdriver and socket set plus a tape measure, plumb line, protective gloves .
I borrowed Steve's cordless, electric screwdriver to secure the bases to a length of two by four, which I can C-clamp to a bench.
If you haven't got a power tool in Wales you're a bit left out - a proud 86% own an electric drill, a respectable 62% an electric screwdriver, and 58% a corded jigsaw - compared to the UK averages of 79%, 61% and 42%.