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a field of force surrounding a charged particle

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Electric fields can be presented as 2D field vector images.
Delory's team calculated that electric fields generated by the swirling dust are strong enough to break apart carbon dioxide and water molecules in the Martian atmosphere.
to further develop and market PurePulse's proprietary CoolPure(R) pulsed electric field technology for preservation and purification of food products.
Of all the theories proposed, for whatever reasons, it seems that the only plausible one is that a spark caused by high electric fields in the nearly empty but vapor-rich fuel tank caused a catastrophic explosion.
Exposure to electric fields produced by the building power distribution system is less likely to be an issue because fewer workers are near strong sources of electric fields.
Robert and his colleagues checked whether bees could choose flowers based solely on the electric fields the plants produce.
We show that with a strong electric field, you can induce a phase transition without altering the thermodynamic parameters," said Uzi Landman, Regents' and Institute Professor in the School of Physics, F.
An electric field is used to flip the polarization, which is how data is stored.
The NEBI was lower at all total treatment times and electric field strengths tested.
In a word, poling at 65[degrees]C with electric fields of 160 MV/m is the optimal condition to prepare piezoelectric PVDF-HFP copolymer films.
2002) carried out an extended experimental campaign in order to estimate the influence of both DC and AC electric fields on the frost formation over a flat plate arranged both vertically and horizontally.
Finally, an alternative explanation of the multipole fields is advanced which shows that the electric fields are inversely proportional to the "surface areas" of the "spheres" in n dimensions.
Coplanar electric fields have also been used by Velev et al.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A variety of animals are able to sense and react to electric fields, and living human cells will move along an electric field, for example in wound healing.
Astronomers have determined the strength of electric fields in thunderclouds by detecting the radio wave signature of cosmic ray particles striking the atmosphere.